Credit Expo België – 25/04/2024 – De Montil – Affligem
11u30 – 12u30 / Zaal Andromeda
Seminar : Intrum
Sprekers : Guy Colpaert, Managing Director Intrum Benelux; Paul Chong, Co-Founder Ophelos; Marc Schillinger, CEO E-collect; Ofelia Alfonso Fernandez, Solutions & Alliances Director
Taal van de presentatie: Engels
Intrum is Platinum Partner van Credit Expo België 2024

How AI pushes technology, data & people to a next level in credit management

AI does not: replace the importance of human interaction in credit management…
But it enhances the communication level.
AI does not: lower the need for smart automation and technology…
But it works as a catalyst on the effectiveness of automation.
AI does not: replace the need for credit data solutions…
But it exploits the data bringing the value to a different dimension.

Want to know more? Come and find us at the Credit Expo where we showcase both AI solutions, seamless credit management software and Smart Credit Data solutions. Innovation for next generation credit management.

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