Credit Expo België – 25/04/2024 – De Montil – Affligem
10u30 – 11u00 / Zaal Jupiter
Seminar : AiVidens
Spreker : Edouard Beauvois, CEO AiVidens
Taal van de presentatie: English
AiVidens is Gold Partner van Credit Expo België 2024

Benefit from credit collections user experience to improve cash management

In the current economic climate, working capital management is becoming even more key for CFOs. The AiVidens platform analyses customer payment behaviour and default risk. It also predicts when your customers will pay their invoices. There are many customer use cases for these different indicators: understanding the evolution of the receivables portfolio, anticipating payment issues and determining the most appropriate collection actions accordingly, and finally offering more accurate cash flow statements. We’ll be happy to present the Cash Flow Statement use case at the event.

This recent innovation in our platform enables us to combine the predictions provided by our algorithms with the payment experiences of collection teams. The aim is simple: to bridge the gap between collection and cash management and improve the accuracy of cash flow forecasts.

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