Credit Expo – 20/04/2023 – De Montil – Affligem
11u50 – 12u20 / Zaal Pluto
Seminar : AiVidens

Spreker : Edouard Beauvois, Co-Founder & CEO AiVidens
Taal van de presentatie: Engels
AiVidens is Gold Partner van Credit Expo

2023 is the year of cash

How about maximizing your working capital and improving your cash forecast and liquidity planning thanks to Artificial Intelligence? Relying on a traditional collection methodology is no longer enough to operate your business successfully. During our presentation, we will have the chance to demonstrate with customer use cases how Aividens, our AI-powered solution, will break the status quo. With our technology, you can predict when invoices will be paid, analyze and understand customer payment patterns and make the best decisions. Join us for our presentation, and discover how to make 2023 your most profitable year yet.