At Coface, we’re dedicated to safeguarding your business, ensuring you can operate with confidence. With a team of 4,700 experts worldwide, we support 50,000 clients making informed decisions for growth, regardless of their company size or industry.


But Coface Belgium & Luxemburg is more than just an insurer – we’re your trusted trade risk advisor.
Our goal is simple: to provide you with reliable insights so you can identify, assess, and protect against non-payment risks in your transactions.
Rely on us for effective risk management solutions, including business information, debt collection, and credit insurance. Both domestically and internationally.


Moreover, we’re committed to leveraging the latest technology to enhance customer experience.


Join our session at Credit Expo Belgium 2024 : “Discover how AI and Connectivity can boost your productivity”, hosted by Kris Degreef, General Manager Coface Belgium & Luxemburg

Bedrijfsnaam Coface
Adres Vorstlaan 100
Postcode 1170
Plaats Brussel
Land België
Telefoon +32 (0)2 404 01 11
Internet www.coface.be
E-mail info@coface.be