Séminaire IvKM
Orateur: Ludo Theunissen, Professeur Université de Gand, Président IvKM & Vice-President FECMA
Langue de la présentation: Anglais
18/10/2018 (15h00 – 15h45) – salle 3

Using social media for insolvency prediction

An important aspect of credit management is obviously the assessment of the creditworthiness of prospects and customers. To do this we use data from different sources: financial statements, payment behavior, visit reports, personal contacts, …. But we are continuously looking for other and new sources of information. Articles in the general or specialized press for instance. They can help, sometimes. But what about social media? Is there any reliable information hidden in the messages that customers, employees, suppliers of companies send out? In this session we will take a look at some of the underlying techniques, but we will mainly examine a practical case where the usefulness of social media (twitter in this case) has been examined.

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