Séminaire SOA People
Orateurs: Barbara Ermshaus (Managing Consultant) et Mathias Hertecant (Product Sales Manager) de SOA People
Langue de la présentation: Anglais
21/11/2019 (11h00 – 11h45) – salle Mercurius-Venus

Streamlined credit management processes using standard SAP; it is possible!

You, as credit manager, are on a daily basis confronted with a variety of different circumstances. Ranging from managing cash flow, manually adapting credit limits, dispute follow-up, etc. Starting from real-life experience, SOA People developed a fully integrated Credit management in SAP to make optimal use of the available data and automate mundane tasks.
During our presentation we aim to show how READY CREDITMANAGEMENT SUITE will bring value to your day-to-day operations. Step by and see your bad debts attacked from a digitalized angle!

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