iController is a fast-growing Belgian scale-up. The company offers an advanced all-in-one platform for credit management, risk management and support. iController was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing intelligent solutions for credit management. The software makes it possible to manage accounts receivable efficiently and automate all necessary follow-up actions for invoices in a user-friendly application. Users (ranging from credit managers to supervisors and CFOs) see all crucial information and communication in real time in one central location in the cloud. This allows them to collect invoices faster and gives them full control over their cash flow management. Driven by AI, iController provides recommendations for credit risk, payment behaviour and next steps based on the behaviour of the user and the customer in order to reduce the workload. Companies already using the iController software include LeasePlan International, Securitas, CDK Global, FleuraMetz, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. The company has offices in Ghent (head office) and Amsterdam.  In 2020, iController will open a third office in London.

More information: https://icontroller.org/

Nom de la société ICONTROLLER
Adresse Moutstraat 60
Code postal 9000
Commune Gent
Pays België
Téléphone +32 (0)9 222 58 98
Internet www.icontroller.org
E-mail E-mail:info@icontroller.eu